Transform and optimize your Business Processes with Eccentex AI Services

Predictions suggests you should start using AI Technology in Process Automation now


of customer interactions will be supported by AI in 2025


of global data will be produced with genAI by 2025


of today's businesses have investments in AI technology

Automate everything

Eccentex AI Services provides an out-of-box solution to decrease your cost and improve your efficiency, without jeopardizing customer experience. When it comes to process automation, engagement optimization or customer conversation enhancement, there is no one better to accelerate your digital transformation into the new age of AI. 


Shared AI services across all departments


Embedded in all platform components


Proactive and seamless


All essential AI services are free

Triple down on Eccentex AI

Eccentex AI services are designed to serve three main purposes; to enhance Customer Experiences, make employee work easier and automate business processes.

Recent Customer Success Stories

Emergency Response

Learn how Eccentex implemented an Emergency Response Incident Management (ERIM) Solution in Ukraine, leading to a significant reduction in response time and time-to-treatment by a factor of two. 

Worker's Compensation

See how a large third-party administrator streamlines medical management on worker compensation claims – leading to better outcomes, higher satisfaction and lower litigation rates.

Dispute Resolution

Understand how a leading dispute resolution and conflict management organization in New Zealand sees improved technological efficiency and quality, whilst reducing strain on administrative staff.

Eccentex AI Helps Companies Across Verticals Achieve Their Business Goals

Financial Services

Automate your customer onboarding, claim management, fraud prevention, sales processes and more.

Public Sector

Create empathetic citizen experiences across multiple government and public service use cases.

Consumer Markets

Maximize customer satisfaction by optimizing your sales KPIs with the lowest latency and resource needs.

Cross-Cloud AI Service Federation

Eccentex AI in action

Eccentex AI supports agents, knowledge workers, case managers by giving them all the necessary information they need to solve customer or citizen issues faster with the least effort.


AI Services Orchestration

Eccentex integrates multiple AI services and orchestrates their capabilities as one virtual solution.

Check out our recent AI demo videos

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Conversational AI for citizen services

Keep customers and citizens engaged through an intuitive chatbot experience and seamlessly involve your agents to the conversation as their skills are needed. 

Proven Quick Wins with Eccentex

FairWay Resolution

“We wanted a secure case management system that would match our business aspirations. The platform enables us to effectively deliver our services today and meets our future needs because it’s fully flexible and scalable.”

Rhys West, CEO
FairWay Resolution

Harris County AD

“We wanted a system for multiple users to have the ability to quickly access and process a substantial amount of data from one centralized database in real time. Eccentex designed a secure case management system which has enabled us to manage the litigation process more efficiently and streamline operations.”

Lead Solution Architect
Harris County Appraisal District

P&C Claims Handling

“Eccentex helped our company democratize proactive medical
management, enabling cost-effective clinical oversight and support for
all injured workers in need.”

Executive Sponsor
Property & Casualty Claims Handler Company